The number of families taking their laundry to professional firms with practical experience in cleaning is increasing. These companies allow members of the family to save time and work on other chores or attend to other duties in their life. They also clean and treat the laundry to perfection unlike many people at home who only clean, but fail to treat the dirty clothes. Dry cleaning and laundry are the two primary ways of cleaning garments. Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate the differences that exist between these two methods.

Simple procedures between the two include a physical examination of the clothes. Then treatment of stained spots follows that so that removal of the same is easier at later stages of cleaning. Winter Park Dry Cleaners like Priceless Dry Cleaners now uses innovative cleaning technology. It is important to note that the right measure of solvents and detergents is necessary for effectiveness and consistency in both dry cleaning and laundry. Pressing, straightening and folding of the cleaned garments happens at the last stages of washing.

A client should understand the contrasts between the two systems frequently used by Winter Park Dry Cleaners for him to choose the best type of cleaning that suits his needs. Here is a precise comparison of these two methods of cleaning.

Dry cleaning makes use of a solvent to clean garments. The name ‘dry cleaning’ stems from the fact that it does not utilize water, which is critical as a part of laundry cleaning. Winter Park Dry Cleaners uses a concoction typically referred to as Perchloroethylene (PERC). It removes oils and stains from clothes. What follows is the stacking of the garments into a washing machine that cleans them through the tumbling process. The next step is the extraction of the solvents by filtration. Finally, the solution goes through recycling. Drying of the garment occurs in the machine. You can then take the clothes out of the dryer for ironing or steaming to straighten them. The last step is folding the clothes for proper storage.

Dry cleaning has many benefits, including: It can remove different sorts of oils and stains. Dry cleaning reduces the risk of material shrinkage and minimizes discoloration.

Winter Park Dry Cleaners, such as Priceless Dry Cleaners, are now embracing the utilization of even more ecologically sound cleaning materials as innovations in this sector continue to increase. Some of these materials contain carbon dioxide or organic materials as some of their critical ingredients. These hydrocarbon solvents are less destructive to the environment because they are biodegradable. They also do not do not create any bad smells, and they make the garments washed more comfortable to wear than before.

Laundry is a procedure that many people know because they practice the same in their homes. It is the cleaning of garments with the assistance of added substances like detergents and water.

Like Dry Cleaning, laundry also happens in a few stages. It begins with the washing of garments with your choice of detergent. The washing machine agitates the soapy water to clean the clothes and then drains the excess water. The dryer uses hot air to fluff and dry your clothes.

Both laundry services and dry cleaning have their place and are important. Be sure to read the tags in your clothes to know how to correctly wash your clothes.