Orlando dry cleaning is among the best known methods for cleaning and getting stains out of a man’s suit. Men’s suits are expensive and therefore knowing how to care for it as well as how to clean it is very important and all men should be aware of it. Below is important information about when you should dry clean a man’s suit, how frequent you should do it and some tips and tricks to help you do wash your suite effectively.

  1. Know how dry cleaning works

Dry cleaning contains a certain liquid solvent by the name perchloroethylene which removes oil and dirt from the suit. The process of dry cleaning started a long time ago and has been used since then as an effective mode of cleaning.

  1. Know when to take your suit to Orlando dry cleaner

There is no scientific method that can be used to establish when you should take your suit to dry cleaner. However, if your suit is made of 100% wool, then you need to have it dry cleaned once it becomes smelly, soiled or if you are not free to iron yourself. You can also take your suit for dry cleaning if brushing, airing and rubbing no longer removes stain and dirt on your suit. You need to dry clean your suit as little as possible since washing strips the fibers of their natural oils. This makes the fibers become brittle, causing your suite fade and become rough.

  1. Frequency of taking your suit to dry cleaner

To start with, men’s suits are beautiful constructions of fabrics and are designed to show one’s level of professionalism, prestige as well as class. To keep your suits clean, you should at least have them cleaned once per season. However, the rate at which you should have your suit cleaned should vary with how often it is used. Some individuals may have their suits cleaned once per month while others may have theirs cleaned once per year. It all depends on its primary function such as formal events, weddings and other formal occasions. At Priceless Cleaners, an Orlando dry cleaner, we are capable of removing stains and freshening up your suit.

  1. Selecting the best dry cleaner in Orlando

When it comes to the cleaning of your suit, you need to carry out some research to evaluate the effectiveness of the company. Take your time and ask some questions concerning the credibility of each of the dry cleaning companies. This is a good way to tell the legitimacy of any dry cleaner. You also need to check if they do their work in-house or out at a larger facility. No matter your choice for an Orlando dry cleaning company, we recommend you trying our services!

  1. Tips on how to take care of your suit at home

First you should start by rotating which suits you wear. Avoid wearing the same suit over and over again since this will cause your suit to wear and tear after a certain period of time. Secondly, you need to use a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner helps to remove wrinkles. It’s a good idea to set the steam at the lowest heat setting. By doing so, your suit will appear freshly pressed without any added costs.

Another tip for keeping your suit clean at home is brushing off any dirt. You need to brush out any food particles or dirt that you may come across  after you wore your suit. Begin by going against the cloth and use short but quick strokes. You may finish with a pass that goes with the nap. The next tip involves allowing your suit to hang for one or two days on a wooden hanger after you have worn it. This will allow the material to recover as well as drape out most of the wrinkles. Just make sure all the pockets are empty as to avoid creating creases and other odd shapes in your suit.

The last tip is covering your suit up. You can do this by using a cloth cover that will allow the air to circulate through the suit even if the suit is stored.

In conclusion, above are the tips you should know any time you want to have your suits cleaned by an Orlando dry cleaning service and tips you should know for at home.

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