Dry cleaning Winter Park One of the best parts about finding a quality dry cleaner in Winter Park, like Priceless Cleaners, is that you also conveniently get access to a lot of other great services such as tailoring. Even if it is not dry cleaning in Winter Park, be sure to ask your local dry cleaner about additional services.

Not only dry cleaning Winter Park, but tailoring services as well

Tailors are sewing professionals that create custom garments or alter existing clothing. Besides dry cleaning Winter Park as a subject, good dry cleaners will employ a talented tailor. Most large department stores offer tailoring, but for a huge cost. Some tailors choose to become fashion designers. Tailors do more than just create custom garments or alter clothing. In addition to fitting needs tailors are often extremely knowledgeable about different types of fabrics, patterns and sewing styles.

Dry cleaning Winter Park tailorA tailor is part of dry cleaning Winter Park

Custom tailored clothing is a process in which tailors create a complete suit, dress or garment on an individual basis. What tailors do to create a custom fitted suit or garment depends on an individual’s height, weight and posture. The tailoring of a suit jacket would include different collar styles, pocket styles, cuts and lines. Only the front of a suit jacket is lined to offer more shape. Additional material is fused to the shoulders and chest to add structure and shape.

Dry cleaning Winter Park and tailoring

Tailors also alter existing clothing you have to create a new style or better fit. When you bring your clothing in to the dry cleaners, adding tailoring as a service is easy and convenient. A tailor will take all of a customer’s measurements during the first fitting session. The measurements a tailor takes are from wrist to shoulder, chest, inseam, out seam, hat size and neck size. The tailor would then take those measurements to create a custom wardrobe or garment or alter existing items of clothing a customer chooses to bring to a tailor.

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A clothing alteration allows anyone of any shape and size, regardless of style of clothing, a tailored fit. Fabric is added or cut away, lengths shorten or elongated, waist lines expanded or taken in is all possible with what tailors do. Tailors can alter pants, dresses, skirts, shirts and hats. The most common things a tailor does is to bring in or widen a suit jacket waist. Shorten sleeves or pant lengths, shorten dress lengths and bring in pant waists. Clothing repair is another service tailors offer. Ripped, torn or worn clothing are patched up with similar looking fabric to mend tattered clothes. Tailors also repair zippers and buttons. Tailors also press clothing, creating a wrinkle free, clean appearance. Tailors use a “ham” to press clothing that have darts. Darts are often found on shoulders, chest and waists of garments such as pants, jackets and dresses. A ham allows for darted clothing to be pressed evenly in between and on the darted areas of a garment. Custom clothing often takes the most time for a tailor. Alterations can be tricky if the customer’s sizes are much different than the original piece of clothing. As you can see what tailors do is extensive and time consuming. Tailors often work hard to meet the demands of their customers.