There are two types of detergent found on the shelves of most stores – generic and brand. These two types of detergent have each been popular with different customers based on various reasons. Their histories and how they came about are as varied as the reviews they get from their customers. Brand name detergents are without question the more enduring of the two types, dating back to the years of privatization when the need for differentiation of similar products surfaced. Generic detergents on the other hand, are a relatively recent phenomenon addressing the retail needs of customers. Generic brands are basically store brands without the extra company branding that adorns brand name detergents. In any case, you are bound to find both these types in Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaning as they are both applied in different capacities.

Differences between generic and name brand detergents

There are a couple of differences between generic and brand detergents. First, you will always know a brand name detergent from its first sighting. These kinds of detergent have a very stylish appearance, complete with brand name, designs and lots of other extra information. The packaging will also most likely stand out from the rest of the other detergents on the shelve. Of course different company names will have their different color codes and logos. On the other hand, generic detergents are almost reduced to bare basics. The packaging will be simple with probably just the store name and few aesthetics. Other than these, there are barely lots of other things that differentiate these two.

Performance comparison

When it comes to the results of these two types of detergents on laundry, there are a few differences depending on the brand in question. For generic detergents, you might find that your laundry may require more or less water to get the same result as the brand name detergent. Brand name detergents on the other hand come in different specifications and manufacturers tend to have different varieties of the same brand for specific purposes. For instance, you might find the same brand having different varieties for different fabrics under the same umbrella brand. This also explains why some brand names come with a stronger scent just to have a different result from generic detergents, thus keeping the brand unique. Brand detergents are more likely to have overall better results on different scales.

Difference in ingredients

It is not always possible to get the full ingredient list of most generic detergents. This is because of their simplistic packaging that almost always defines them. Visiting the websites of manufacturers however, can help you get the clarity you need. The main ingredient that separates generic detergents from brand detergents is usually the softener or scent in the detergent. Apart from this, many detergents pack exactly the same sets of ingredients with the only difference being the packaging. While brand name detergents go a long way to list all the different ingredients explicitly on the packaging, it does not always mean that they are better endowed than their generic equivalent. In few cases, you will find that a little addition differentiates the name brand from the store brand.

Price differences

One of the main reasons for retail stores coming up with their own brands was to address the issue of commodity prices. Brand detergents tend to be more expensive that generic ones for various reasons. The first one being that there is a significantly higher investment on brands compared to store detergents. The premium packaging on brand detergents for instance costs a lot more than normal packaging and this factors into the price of the detergent. Customizing the different aspects of the brand detergent like the addition of special scents, softeners and other chemicals also contribute to the higher price of these detergents. Store detergents are simplistic to keep their prices down.

In any case, the use of either detergent can have different results depending on how effectively they are used. In laundry services like Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaning, these two types of detergents are used differently for different results. When used at home, addition of vinegar or baking powder to generic detergents can help produce better results. Using cold water also improves the effectiveness of the detergents.