Caring for clothing garments require different cleaning styles and techniques. The majority of clothing items are often cared for based on instructions included on garments. How to properly care for garments is determined by fabric and textile makeup. For example, most jeans are cleaned and cared for in a similar manner. More often than not, jeans are machine washed and dried in dryers and often require minimal care. To extend the life of jeans simply throw them in the dryer inside out without washing them. Placing jeans in the freezer overnight without a bag can also help freshen them up by killing most of the bacteria on unwashed jeans. Over washing and drying jeans may destroy the integrity of indigo hues in most denim jeans.

Specialty garments such as sweaters, dresses and suits require care based on given cleaning instructions and fabric types. Clothing items made of sensitive materials are best cared for by regular dry cleaning.

By using dry cleaning experts such as our Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaner location, high end specialty garments and fabrics can be cared for properly. Sweaters that contain natural or man-made fabrics need special care. Sweaters can lose their shape if not maintained according to fabric and style. Most sweaters will shrink if placed in conventional dryers. An Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaner, or any dry cleaner for that matter, has experience in caring for sweaters in any type of fabric. Caring for sweaters at home can be time consuming. If you choose to care for your sweaters at home you can do so sweaters, wet or dry, will stretch them out. Remove pill lint promptly after wearing sweaters to avoid damage to the material. This can be done by using a hand held depillar or small electric shaver. If you choose not to regularly dry clean sweaters, make sure you don’t over wear them as perspiration smells and stains are often difficult to remove from most sweater material. Storing sweaters by hand washing them and laying them flat to dry. Hanging should be done in dry areas with cedar balls to prevent the attraction of moths, mold and mildew. Stored sweaters should be completely dry and clean. Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaners can not only keep sweaters fresh and clean but also provide proper storage tips to keeps your sweaters newer longer.

Caring for specialty garments such as suits and gowns is best left to experts like our Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaner location. Dry cleaners incorporate different cleaning techniques and special cleaning solvents to maintain the integrity of special garments. Heavily embroidered dresses or shirts respond best to expert dry cleaning methods. Caring for specialty garments at home could be risky and time consuming with minimal results. Most suits can’t be washed or dried at home. One benefit of regularly dry cleaning suits is the pressing process. Most conventional hand held irons are not made to press suits or dresses that have intricate fabric details or pleats. Altamonte Springs Dry Cleaners has an experienced and knowledgeable staff that can clean and care for any clothing item regardless of what kind it is.