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Stain removal can often take time and may require a little experimenting with different techniques. In order to effectively remove stains, several variables need to be addressed. These variables include the recommended cleaning instructions and care of a garment, the fabric it’s made of and the type of stains. Most stains are either protein or mineral based and need to be cleaned accordingly with special solvents and techniques. Once a garment is stained it’s often difficult to remove. Hard to remove stains should be left up to cleaning experts, like your favorite Winter Park Dry Cleaning company.

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Different types of stains will require different treatments and techniques. Treating stains at home works best for quick on the spot stain removal. Treating and cleaning a stain at home should happen right after a spill has occurred. Pretreating stains at home prior to taking garments to dry cleaning experts such Priceless Winter Park Dry Cleaning, can assure that stains will not set into fabrics and oxidize. Cleaning stains at home work best on smaller areas that can be cleaned immediately. Stains from coffee or wine spills can leave yellowish and/or brownish stains imbedded in most fabrics and textiles. A professional dry cleaner will ensure stains like these don’t set into fabrics into fabrics and textiles by also pretreating garments prior to their dry cleaning process.

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The majority of dry cleaning solvents are made of ttetrachloroethylene, an odorless, clear cleaning solvent. Professional dry cleaning is best for stains that are often difficult to treat at home. A Winter Park Dry Cleaning company can effectively remove tough stains that are often not possible to treat or clean at home. Dry cleaners will use wet or dry cleaning techniques or a combination of both when removing stains. Protein based stains include bodily fluids (blood, vomit) most foods, oils, anything that does not have a mineral (dirt or metal) base. These types of stains respond best to techniques that require water. Protein based stains are often soaked in water with special cleaning solvents. This technique of wet cleaning helps lift and remove stains from garments. Mineral based stains often include stains from iron content in water and dirt. Most stains are a combination of proteins and minerals. For example, long gowns are often stained on the very bottom of fabric from being worn outside. Dirt stains on long gowns can easily be removed at a dry cleaners.

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Dry cleaning stain removal methods require pretreating stains in combination with wet and dry cleaning techniques. Professional dry cleaning techniques include using a special dry cleaning machine that uses a mixture of cleaning solvents and water to remove stains. These dry cleaning machines can hold up to 50 pounds of clothing. Prior to putting garments in the special dry cleaning machines, garments are pretreated by hand using a mixture of pretreating chemical solvents. Solvents can be applied to garments to with or without water. Pretreatment techniques can use brushes to help remove stains. Once stains are pretreated, dry cleaners use special dry cleaning machines to clean clothing. The combination of pretreating stains and different dry cleaning methods (wet, dry or both) often results in brighter, softer clothing. Lastly, garments are pressed according to proper shapes and sizes and returned back to customers like new and stain free.