Dry cleaning offers many advantages that regular cleaning methods do not. For instance, you can take your delicate items to a dry cleaner and expect to have them returned with a clean, crisp, and professional look that is hard to attain if done at home. Dry cleaning removes all type of dirt and stains from woolen rugs and carpets by using a chemical compound that produces very little moisture, keeping the fabric dry. One of the main reasons why people prefer to use dry cleaning for their carpets is to keep them spotless, which is not possible in wet cleaning options.

Misconception about dry cleaning

As the term would imply, dry cleaning does not really mean cleaning something completely dry. While there may be no water involved in the process, dry cleaning does use a fluid in which garments have to be immersed. The primary solvent that is used is perchloroethylene, which is a synthetic, non-inflammable solvent that is used in most dry cleaning plants. 

Why use dry cleaning method? 

While there are many advantages of dry cleaning carpets, most people prefer this method because of the following reasons:

• You can take home the carpet right after cleaning as it is not wet from cleaning

• It is a very effective way to removes dirt, sand, hair, and other rubbish from the material

• Chemicals used in this type of cleaning are mostly organic, thus helpful for maintaining fabric quality

• It is an effective sanitation method for carpets and wool rugs than other techniques of cleaning

• Dry cleaning stores are frequent in number, and you can find them almost anywhere

Dry cleaning process

Dry cleaning often uses chemical compounds to get unwanted substance out of rugs and carpets. This method of cleaning is suitable for both home and business owners as it requires no water and dries up very quickly. The two main ways that dry cleaners use to clean are encapsulation and scrubbing. Encapsulation is done by spreading the cleaning compound all over the carpet and waiting until it encapsulates the dirt while scrubbing method involves manually scrubbing dirt from the carpets using a dry compound, and then sucking up the unwanted substance by vacuuming.

It is a good idea to only dry clean your carpets and wool rugs because if it remains wet for a long time, there may be an increasing possibility for it to become sticky, grow mildew, and get easily stained and dirty again.

Selecting the ideal dry cleaner

Before you hand over your precious woolen rug or carpet, there are few rules that you must follow to get the most out of your dry cleaner.

Pricing: Like everyone else, you must also have a budget allocated for this purpose. So, before giving away the garments, be sure to ask the cleaner how much exactly they are going to charge once you come to pick up the item. Check carefully for hidden costs or extra costs charged for specialty garments.

Reputation: Verifying a cleaner’s reputation is the surest way to make sure you get impeccable service. Be careful about cleaners who have a reputation for changing names or owners as it is likely that they are running a fraudulent operation. A good dry cleaning plant will always maintain transparency and offer maximum value for money.

Experience: Don’t be shy to go to behind the desk and ask about the experience of the dry cleaners. You don’t want your carpet to be mishandled by inexperienced workers, who have very little idea of the best ways of cleaning. You may also want to ask if they dry clean by hand or use a machine.

How to save money on dry cleaning

The price of dry cleaning varies from place to place and are mostly dependent on the type of material you want to dry clean. If you wish to save some money, then take your wool rugs and carpets to Winter Park dry cleaning that offers attractive rates and discounts. Not only carpets but many other types of clothing and garments can benefit from this method of cleaning. It is an affordable and convenient process in which you can drop off your stuff to be dry cleaned and then pick it up at a later time, as per your convenience.