Persistent foul-smelling odors from washing machines have become a huge issue for many people today. Much as many people seek the services of winter park dry cleaners, still, those who face the problem will admit that it’s quite troubling dealing with unpleasant odors left on clothes, not forgetting the hassle and inconvenience of attempting to keep the said washers clean and worse, the serious health risk posed by the issue. That said, it would be great if we identified what causes the washers to smell and how to stop the problem.

Causes of Washing Machine Odor

Simply put, the major reason why your washing machine smells bad is because of dirt- mold, slime, and dirt. Naturally, warm, moist and dark environments make the ideal zone for the growth of black mold. All these could occur due to several factors. Let’s have a look.

• Lack of good ventilation

The majority of the high-efficiency washing machines are front loaders. Typically, front loaders should be completely sealed, which unfortunately deprives them of good ventilation. When the residual water is allowed to stagnate in there and is not able to evaporate out of the washer between loads, all forms of dirt will eventually accumulate over time and lead to bad smells coming out of your washer.

• Constantly washing at 40 degree

Dirt is going to accumulate over time mostly when users wash at 40 degrees simply because they want to save money and energy. Additionally, washing at such low temperatures will also reduce the machine’s efficiency at killing bedbugs and consequently affect the machine itself.

• Excessive use of detergent

Detergent is certainly a major culprit. Detergents that aren’t able to break down the dirt and oil will eventually build up inside the washer. Now, this will create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Furthermore, excessive suds will also deposit the said contaminants in areas of the washer that don’t get rinsed often.

• Foreign objects

Foreign substances trapped in the drain sump or within the pump itself will largely affect the washer’s ability to allow for draining of water and also create a breeding ground for agents that cause the odor.

• Liquid fabric softener

Another culprit is liquid fabric softener. Normally, they leave behind significant residues that bear the potential to harbor mold.

Quite important to note is that not all high-efficiency washers have this problem. In fact, to date, they remain the best option since not only do they conserve energy and water but they are also easier on our clothes. If you apply needed care and attention to them, then you can avoid the bad smell.

Tips and Tricks on How to Get Rid of the Bad Smell

It’s obvious that your washer won’t clean itself unless you are using the ones with advanced self-cleaning features. And now that we’ve already identified the culprits, let’s, therefore, take a look at how we can help to eliminate the bad smell.

• Regular maintenance

Many manufacturers recommend that you do periodical maintenance. Once a month, make use of Affresh, a product specifically designed to clean washers. Put your washer on without any laundry but with the inclusion of Affresh or any other detergent containing bleaching agents not found in the liquid or powder you use occasionally. You can also use soda crystals, lemon juice or vinegar. This will not only eliminate the bad smell but also clean the tub.

Besides regular maintenance, here are other significant tricks that have time and again proved to be efficient in getting rid of the smell.

• Before closing the tub door, always ensure the water drum is dry. You can either wipe it clean with a towel or just leave the door open as this will prevent the creation of smell.
• Use less detergent, especially when using high-efficiency washers. Unless your clothes are heavily soiled use no more than 1 tablespoon of detergent.
• Whenever possible use warm temperature settings.
• Use dryer sheets instead of liquid fabric softener

Now, if the bad smell refuses to go away despite making use of the aforementioned tips and tricks, then you will be left with the option of seeking washer repair service. A technician is not only skilled and knowledgeable but also bears the experience and tools to fix such issues with utmost perfection. Besides, there will also be other cases such as replacing the basket or cleaning the interior surfaces, that can only be done with the help of a technician. Therefore, when necessary, ensure you get in touch with a reputable and competent washer repair technician.

Better still, you can seek the help of professional dry cleaners as they will not only get your clothes very clean and safe simultaneously but also save you time and effort. Reputable cleaners such as winter park dry cleaners will treat your clothes right since they make use of organic solvents able to preserve your clothes material for long. You can always get in touch winter park dry cleaners for quality, friendly and professional dry cleaning services.