We all want to take proper care of clothes and preserve them for as long as possible. Many of us tend to learn on the go with washing machines and the process of separating different materials. It takes some practice so that the cotton shirt doesn’t come out of the dryer in pieces. In cases such as an upcoming wedding or gala event a Winter Park Dry Clean company will be able to properly clean your dress or suit, using a specialized service and return it to you in excellent condition for your big day. The experts understand how important it is for a bride to preserve her dress. With all the time it took to choose the right one, it makes sense to want to keep it on display. The process is straight forward, depending on the material of the outfit, they will wash, press, and package it for collection or delivery. They will happily discuss any queries with you beforehand, or tell you the best method for the cleaning.

The two predominant items found in the average shoppers wardrobe are wool and cotton. These two fabrics are extremely different and require specific care to keep them clean. Starting with wool, common in winter, its a beautiful fabric for warmth but also very delicate. It needs handles gently and can’t simply be put into the machine to wash. The first important thing is to avoid high water temperatures, the best solution is to hand wash, use a lot of steam, or to drop them off to your local Winter Park Dry Clean company in case of emergency.

We all wear cotton during summer months, its perfect to absorb the heat and makes it bearable while walking around. Cotton shorts, shirts, dresses and pants can be washed together in a group on a normal cycle. The material is very durable so frequent washes are possible if you are wearing the same outfit a lot in the heat. Another benefit of this material is once its washed and dried, it can be ironed back into perfect condition. The durability and strength of the fabric makes it all set to be worn or hung up in a record time.

Silk shirts, delicate silk dresses and undergarments require some extra delicate care. They can wrinkle and even shrink when put into the washing machine in hot temperatures. The recommended solution is to soak them in luke warm water with a small amount of liquid, and run lightly, cleaning any problem areas. For machine cycles they require a cold quick spin found on certain machines. For urgent cases or if you have a lot of silk clothes, the easiest thing to do is drop them of at your local Winter Park Dry Clean company for fast professional service.

With jeans and tougher denim materials, try to avoid using any toxic chemicals if you notice a stain. Think delicate and look for baby wipes or something gentle to avoid worsening the stain. Pre-soak and rub down the stain to the best of your ability, then bring it to the professional dry cleaners. They will be able to tell you the best course of action and use machines and products to rectify the situation. With your wedding dress, or business suit, the same rule applies. Never try to clean them yourself with generic products, it could lead to a disaster.

Once you, or your dry cleaning service has completed the cleaning, the next stage is storage. Wool or cotton sweater needs a flat surface to be preserved. Hangers could cause them to stretch or tare. Place them in drawers or in the bottom of your wardrobe or lay them flat down. Silk should be in plastic, it needs air to breathe and to avoid it getting crinkled. Jeans need to be folded and placed in a shelf or drawer, same as pants. Your clothes are important, keep them in good condition and use the best services possible for long term use.